About Robbie

My name is Robbie Cancian. I am a freelance photographer based in Hawke's Bay, Napier, New Zealand.

I have always been interested in photography right from a young age. 
Always taking photos on what ever camera I had at my disposal
(yes even just a disposable camera too) 

But it wasn't until i was 26 were I truly started to take this passion seriously.

Having left school at the young age of sixteen, I enrolled in a level three computing course at my local polytech. I was always good at computers so it made sense as something to fill in the time until the next year where I could study something I was actually interested in: Graphic Design. 

It was over the next few years of study in this field were i really started to learn the fundamentals of composition and design (and more importantly how to use photoshop) 

After my study, years went by and many different jobs passed my hands until I was 2013, this is where my family and I moved to Tauranga and I started doing web design and social media for the family business. 

It was around this time that I aslo started a side business making designs for T-Shirts. 

Being new to Tauranga, I didn't know anybody at all. Getting the word out about my T-shirts in the area was a bit difficult. So I decided to try reach out to some local models that had a great following. I had a camera (that I "borrowed" from my sister) so figured I could take some shots of them wearing my shirts and advertise from there. 

Well having never done a shoot before, it was VERY HARD to even get taken seriously in this matter. But luckily a couple of girls gave me a chance. The photos came out... okay... I had no idea what I was doing photography wise, but I definitely salvaged them with my great knowledge in photo shop. 

Turns out the models loved what I had done and wanted to book me to shoot other things! Which in a creative manner I was very keen to try out! 
Learning new skills is always something I am always interested in.

I put 110% into every shoot that I work on, I have a focus on making sure models are comfortable and having fun! I'm not that serious and enjoy a good joke and some witty banter to make my clients feel more at ease cos we all know doing a photo shoot can be a little nerve wracking at times! 

Over the last few years I have really honed my craft and put in massive amounts of effort into learning as much as I can about photography and editing. Which brings me to where I am today! 

Along side my web and social media business Cancian Digital, photography has become my main job and I couldn't be happier. 

Now in 2018, having relocated to Hawke's Bay, Napier. I have really found a true passion for the areas I want to work in. Along side my gorgeous partner who is also an amazing photographer in her own right. Can't wait to see what excitement the future holds for us.

So feel free to get in touch with me today and lets make some magic happen!! 

Hawke's Bay Photographer
Napier Photographer
New Zealand Photographer

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Robbie Cancian Photographer. 
Whether you are a seasoned model or brand new to the game, It doesn't matter.
A amazing and fun photo shoot is for everyone! No judgement, you do you!

I pride myself on the fact I have bought a new found confidence to many females and males through my years as a photographer.