Do I need to have modelling experience to work with you? 
Of course not! I work with people of all skill levels! From beginners to seasoned veterans! 

I'm a different size to the models you post in your feeds, am I still able to book a shoot? 
Yes most certainly! I work with anyone and everyone! I never judge body shapes and sizes! Everyone is beautiful! The reason you might not see those sorts of models in my feeds is because a lot of my clients prefer to keep their images private. 

Do I have to shoot in lingerie? 
Of course not, My clients choose to wear what ever they like!

Can I keep my images just for myself? Id rather they weren't shared.
Yes, I only share images that I am allowed to. As a paying client you own the copyright to the edited images, which means I would need your permission before I can use them. I have hundreds of images that I haven't shared in my feeds because of this. 

How long does it take to get back all edited images? 
My editing turn around is usually up to 6 weeks. Granted in that time you do receive images from week to week. 

Can I share the unedited samples on Facebook? 
No, as per the terms and conditions unedited images/samples must remain off the internet completely. You can show your friends/family privately, but they are not to go online at all.

Do you use Photoshop? 
Yes, I extensively edit my images. Of course sometimes straight out of the camera my photos can look amazing, but I still put the same amount of post processing and editing into them. Its all about adding my style to the images!

Can you remove Scars/Bruises/Tattoos? 
Yes, I can pretty much remove anything. 

Do you provide digital negatives (RAW files) after the shoot?
You will be provided with edited images only as part of your shoot package in JPEG format. Each picture is carefully handled and will be a representation of me work. Be sure to look at my portfolio and that my work and style is a good match for you. RAW images can be purchased separately of course.

Who picks the images?
As the paying client, you choose the images that you wanted edited. I am happy to make recommendations when asked, however I will leave this up to you to decide. 

How do I get the samples?
A few days after the shoot I will send you a Dropbox link with all your samples. Take your time and choose the images you would like edited. These will be watermarked and low quality. 

What happens if we are running late or vice versa to our shoot? Will you extend the shooting time?

It is my practice to arrive early to my shoots, as I like to scope out the surroundings and get my creative mind going. If for some reason I am late I will do my best to extend the time. If a client is late I will do my best in the time that is remaining to get everything we need, but I don’t extend the session time in that instance.

Where are you based?
I work between Tauranga and Napier, but from time to time do travel around the country. I usually visit Wellington once a year and Hamilton twice a year for shoots.

What is your pricing?
You can find more details about my pricing here.

I will continue to update this as needed, for most other questions they can be answered by reading my Terms and Conditions page
or you can contact me here 


Here you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions aimed at helping those getting ready to book in for a shoot with me.
Robbie Cancian New Zealand Photographer based Napier, New Zealand


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Robbie Cancian Photographer. 
Whether you are a seasoned model or brand new to the game, It doesn't matter.
A amazing and fun photo shoot is for everyone! No judgement, you do you!

I pride myself on the fact I have bought a new found confidence to many females and males through my years as a photographer.