For Robbie Cancian Photographer

Bronze - $110
The basic package is great for those just starting out.
Get a real feel for what a photo shoot is like!

Bronze package includes:
3 Fully Edited Images.
10 Lightly Edited Images.
This package is for one person only.

Silver - $200
The Silver Package includes:
6 Fully Edited Images
30 Lightly Edited Images
1 Short Video (15 Seconds) used for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat stories.

This package is for one person only.
Short video can be swapped for 1 more full edit or 5 more light edits

Gold - $350

The Gold Package Includes:
10 Fully Edited Images
All other images Lightly Edited
1 Minute Long Promo Video (Cropped to Instagram Dimensions)
15 Second Promo Video (For use on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat stories)

*Video can be swapped for 3 More Fully Edited Images.
This package is for one person only.

For any additional information or questions check out my 
Terms and Conditions or my Frequently Asked Questions


Hawke's Bay Photographer
Napier Photographer
New Zealand Photographer

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Robbie Cancian Photographer. 
Whether you are a seasoned model or brand new to the game, It doesn't matter.
A amazing and fun photo shoot is for everyone! No judgement, you do you!

I pride myself on the fact I have bought a new found confidence to many females and males through my years as a photographer.